How to Get Here

It’s quite simple really.

Please do not use your Maps, Google Maps, GPS, etc. with the address.  It will not get you to the right place.

Here are the directions:

From Winter Park take US 40 to Fraser.  There is a stoplight by the Azteca Mexican Restaurant, the Murdochs store, and Safeway.  Look for and follow the signs.  You will take a left at the stoplight.  This is County Road 72.  Follow that road and go under the RR bridge.  Take an immediate right (this is called Fraser Valley Pkwy, but may not be labeled).  Follow this dirt road.  You’ll pass the Colorado Adventure Park.  Keep following the road as it curves.  When it dead ends and comes to a T, turn left.  This is County Rd. 73.   Follow this about 1 mile and you’ll see the arena on the right. You really can’t miss it.

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This is the GPS Coordinate:

39.943901, -105.832239

How about a map to follow (Click on map to open for full, clearer view):

map to rodeo grounds

See y’all at the Rodeo!