Kids Events



mutton_bustin_kidAt the High Country Stampede Rodeo, we specialize in fun!  Fun for kids of all ages, 2 to 80.  We have two events specifically for children, Mutton Bustin’ and Calf Scramble.

Mutton Bustin’ – For sign up just go to the Watering Hole and we will get you signed up.  We do have a 20 child limit, so we recommend signing up when you arrive at the rodeo.  We love our sheep, so there is a 50 pound limit for the kids!  Everyone gets a helmet and a ribbon.

Calf Scramble – For kids 6-12 years old.  We let calves with a ribbon tied to their tail loose in the arena.  When Bennie (our rodeo clown extraordinaire) gives the signal, those that get a ribbon off the calf’s tail win.