Miller Rodeo Company

Lee and Jennifer Miller
5350 Yulle Rd
Strasburg, CO 80136

Miller Rodeo Company was established in 1994. Most every member of the Miller family is involved in the business in some fashion. Miller Rodeo Company provides rodeo stock for rodeo events across the state. They can provide stock for National rodeo events.

Lee and Jennifer Miller are the owners of Miller Rodeo Company. Lee started his rodeo career riding bulls. He was later injured and could no longer ride. He loved the thrill of the rodeo and started Miller Rodeo Company to continue to have an outlet for his passion.

Lee’s brother, Dean Miller, and cousin, Terry, are the appointed pickup-men. Both have been involved in some aspect of rodeoing for over 15 years. Dean started his rodeo career as a bull fighter to help his younger brother who was also fighting bulls.

Being a pickup-man requires skill and strategy. A cowboy simply just doesn’t ride up along side a bucking animal and sweep the rider off to save the day. The pickup-men are continuously watching the animal and rider and making assessments of the situation.

As soon as a rider signals they want off by double grabbing the rigging or as soon as the horn blows, the pickup men have to get the rider off as soon as safely possible. They have to consider their horse and their own safety, as well as the safety of the rider and their animal. Dean and Terry are expert horsemen. They know the Miller Rodeo stock and the typical setup for riders. They use this knowledge to their advantage.

The pickup-man has to take into consideration, the rider’s experience and posture, the positioning of the horse or bull, the mood of the animal, and the urgency of the situation. There is always the risk of injury for pickup-men, the rider and the horses, and/or bulls.

Dean and Terry are skilled riders that are a welcome sight for any rider in trouble. Once the rider dismounts, the pickup-men, then work to safely get the bull or horse out of the arena.