Arena & Ground Rules


John Works Arena – Fraser, CO

Rules and Regulations

    • These rules supersede all WRA, PRCA, WPRA, Little Britches, and AQHA rules.
    • In addition to these rules and regulations, the rodeo rules of the WRA, PRCA, WPRA, and AQHA apply except where there is a conflict, in which case these rules and regulations will supersede.
    • The junior events shall be governed by the rules of the National Little Britches Rodeo Association except where there is a conflict and these rules will supersede.
    • Contestant Guest Passes – Each adult contestant is allowed one guest per rodeo. Each junior contestant is allowed two guests per rodeo.
    • The age classes for the Junior Rodeo are as follows: 8 & Under, 9 – 13, 14 – 18.  *July 1 will be the date to determine the age classes.
    • Vests & helmets are mandatory for Junior Steer Riders and Junior Bull Riders, and helmets are strongly encouraged for adults also. Equipment is available to borrow.  See the Rodeo Secretary.
    • Accepted dress for the High Country Stampede Rodeo is long pants, long sleeve shirts, western hat, and western boots for all contestants and their helpers (including bull riding helpers) for all rodeo performances and slack in accordance with the WRA, PRCA, WPRA, and NLBRA. Sleeves must be rolled down and shirt tails tucked in.
    • No one shall use the John Work Arena facilities or compete in the High Country Stampede Rodeo or Jackpots at any time without a signed waiver and entry fees paid prior to competing. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and loss of arena use and subsequent legal action.
    • Entry fees must be paid in person to facilitate waiver signing. All Entry fees must be paid by cash or check and waivers signed before the start of your event.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.  Return check fee is $30.00. 
    • Payback will be determined by money in the purse. No more than 5 places will be paid.  If no contestants are entered in event, money WILL NOT carry over to the next week.
    • If all places are not qualified for, the qualified contestants will receive payoff for all places. HCSR does not pay day money.  Entry fees minus stock and administration fees will be added to the next rodeo.  If there are no qualified contestant(s) at the end of the series, the money will be retained by HCSR.
    • Every effort will be made to do payoffs correctly. In the event of errors, under payments will be paid/sent to contestants.  Contestants are responsible for returning to the rodeo secretary any overpayment after being notified.  If the contestants do not return overpayment he/she will be put on the ineligible list until payment is received.
    • Disqualification of a contestant by Judges, Arena Director, or any HCSR Board of Director may result from intentional abuse of stock while competing or on the rodeo grounds. This applies to contestant horses as well.
    • All timed events will be limited to 12 contestants during the performance. The exception being Mixed Team Roping and Open Team Roping which will have 6 teams each.  The rest will compete in slack.
    • Slack will run at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, each weekend. There will be no rough stock events during slack.  Any age group may run in slack.  Per event – adults will run first then juniors – i.e. Barrel Racing; open barrels, local barrels, 14 – 18 barrels, 9 – 13 barrels, and 8 and under barrels.  You must request slack at the time of entering.
    • Due to local conflicts with 4th of July weekend rodeos, we will offer a Junior Slack at 11:00 a.m., that weekend only. You must request this 11:00 slack at the time of entering.
    • For all events, the 30 second rule (60 seconds for juniors), to cross the plane of the gate once the gate is open and ready for you, is in effect and will be enforced.
    • Contestants must ride their horse through the gate.
    • No contestant will be allowed inside the arena except when actually competing or at the special request of the Arena Director.
    • 9 – 13 Junior/Senior Team Roping must have one Junior and one Senior. Two 9 – 13 juniors may not rope with each other.  The 9 – 13 Junior may enter no more than two times.  Only the 9 – 13 Junior will pay an entry fee.  Ropes must come tight.  3 loops maximum.  Year-end buckles will be given to the junior only.
    • 14 – 18 Team Roping contestants must both be 14 – 18 years old, may enter no more than two times, and must switch partners or ends for 2nd entry. Each contestant will pay an entry fee.  Ropers must turn and face each other.  Three loops maximum.  Year-end buckles will be given for Header and Heeler.
    • All junior roping events have a 45 second time limit with the exception of Junior Breakaway which will have a 30 second time limit. Junior Breakaway may use a second prebuilt loop.
    • Team Ropers are allowed only two loops (one per roper). Tie-Down Ropers and Breakaway Ropers are allowed one loop.  Team Roping steers will be chute drawn and tie down calves and breakaway will be drawn for.  ALL ROPERS ARE TO EXIT AT THE FAR END OF THE ARENA.
    • Team Ropers may enter no more than twice (2), per event, as long as they switch ends or partners. If they switch ends this creates a new team.  Mixed Team Roping and Open Team Roping are two separate events.
    • Breakaway Roping, Open Barrel Racing, Local Barrel Racing, and Pole Bending (except for junior rodeo) are for Women only.
    • Barrel Racers and Pole Benders in the Open and Junior Rodeo may circle their horse no more than one time after entering the arena and prior to their run. Forward motion must be maintained.  There is a 5 second penalty for any loss of hat in the arena during the Barrel Race and Pole Bending.  This applies to both the Junior and Open Rodeo.
    • There will be a Local Class for Ladies Barrel Racers. To enter the local class, you must show a current driver’s license with a Grand County address or other identification such as a current school ID.  No one may enter the locals’ class without proper ID.  Once entered in the Open Barrel Racing, contestants may not move back to the Local Barrel Racing per season.  The winner of the local barrel series will automatically move up to the open class for the following year only.
    • The Junior Rodeo and the Open Rodeo are now considered two separate rodeos. Junior contestants may enter both the Junior Rodeo and the Open Rodeo.  Junior Rodeo contestants must compete in their age class unless an event is not offered for their age class; for example – Goat tying.
    • Junior contestants who do not make the junior rodeo will NOT be allowed to run in the main performance to complete their junior rodeo entry.
    • Any contestant arriving late due to unforeseen circumstances, and not recommended, can only be rolled to the end of the particular event without regard to age level; For example – A late 8 and under barrel racer can be rolled to the end of the 14 – 18 barrels. Upon arriving after the event is over, it will be a Turn Out.  Please call and notify the Rodeo Secretary to avoid a Non-Notified Turn Out Fee.  Please make every attempt to be on time.
    • Running out of order, except for the above exception, will result in disqualification in any event.
    • HCSR Judges may compete in events that they do not judge.
    • The year-end awards are based on total points for the series.
    • A contestant must compete in a minimum of 5 rodeos and place in two (2) or more events to qualify for All-Around Awards.
    • A contestant must compete and place in a minimum of 5 rodeos per event to be eligible for series awards. In the event of a tie, awards will be decided on total money won.
    • Contestants will park in the lower parking lot only. No overnight camping without permission is allowed.  No plugging in to electricity is allowed – $50.00 Fine.
    • All dogs must be contained in truck cab, camper, motor home, or horse trailer, except those assisting the disabled (as allowed by the American’s with Disabilities Act) while on the rodeo grounds.
    • Personal alcoholic beverages of any kind are not allowed. If you have it in your truck or trailer, please leave it there.  This is the law and will be strictly enforced.
    • UNDERAGE DRINKING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Anyone caught drinking under the age of 21 will be escorted from the premises by the Sheriff’s Department.

    Revised 2/2017