Speciality Acts

bennie_clown“Bennie Bob” Patrick

Bennie Bob is a crowd favorite. His goal at every rodeo is that everyone leaves believing they had the very best time possible. Bennie Bob loves to entertain, fighting bulls, saving cowboys, or by giving his best to the audience with one of his comedy acts.

The Twisted Trick Riders

“Some people may not understand why we call ourselves Twisted. To us, being twisted means having a mindset like none other. It means that while others may be intimidated or say they can’t, we stand taller and stronger and take the challenge. We have a twisted way of thinking. We like to prove ‘the norm’ isn’t the only possibility and that rules are sometimes just guidelines that you can ignore. We will always try and keep trying until we are satisfied with the outcome. We find every possible way to change our thinking, what we are used to, and be DIFFERENT. We don’t know how long we will be here and be able to trick ride, so while we can we are going to do it with passion, style, and twist. While safety is always our #1, our twisted way of thinking comes as a close second.”