Event Descriptions

Wild West Stampede Games –
Our very own pre-rodeo event, just for fun. Game will be different at each rodeo. There will be a limited number of entries.

Grand Entry –
The Grand Entry is the start of the show introducing our Royalty, recognizing and paying tribute to our military, and most of all honoring our flag with the Nation Anthem.

Bareback Riding –
The goal for the cowboy is to stay on the bucking horse; holding on with one hand while spurring the horse for 8 seconds. 

Tie-Down Calf Roping –
The cowboy and his horse chase and rope the calf.  The cowboy runs to the calf and ties together three legs as fast as he can.

Breakaway Roping –
Cowgirls attempt to rope a steer.  The rope is tied to the saddle.  This timed event looks for the quickest time for the string to break once the steer is caught. 

Clown Acts –
The rodeo clowns keep all entertained and laughing while protecting our rodeo contestants. 

Saddle Bronc Riding –
The cowboy holds onto only a rope, moving his feet in rhythm with the bucking bronct, trying to stay on for 8 seconds.

Ranch Bronc Riding –
In this event the cowboy uses a ranch saddle, also trying to stay on the bucking horse for 8 seconds.

Steer Wrestling –
This is a wrestling match between the cowboy and the steer, as the cowboy chases the steer, comes off of his horse grabbing the steer by the horns and takes it to the ground. 

Mutton Bustin’ –
20 of the cutest little buck-a-roos, from the audience, attempt to stay on the back of a wild sheep looking for the best score.

Team Roping –
Two riders, a header and a heeler, work with their horses to rope a steer, front legs and back legs, for the fastest time.

Sheep Scramble –
Our young cowboys and cowgirls from the audience, 12 and under, chase the sheep through the arena to catch a red bandana from the sheep’s neck for a prize.

Barrel Racing –
It is a race against the clock.  The cowgirl and her horse run a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels to see how can complete the patter with the fastet time.

Pole Bending –
The cowgirl and her horse weave through a line of poles, trying not to knock any over, looking for the fasted time.

Byron Hetzler/Sky-Hi Daily News

Bull Riding – 
The most exciting event; 8 seconds to stay on the back of a bucking bull, holding on with one hand.

Goat Tying –
Junior rodeo contestants ride to a goat in the arena, dismount, and tie three legs together.  A mini version of Tie Down Calf Roping.

Sponsor Flags and Banners –
The flags and banners represent the many sponsors that support our sport of rodeo.  Thank you!!!